Issue 67
Finally, the very RAW spice Girls uncovered.
May John, Roger Robbie Williams?

Sad and lonely, Michael Jackson blown out of all proportion.
Issue 66
Whilst Geri Halliwell searches for vital clues, Insiders reveal the likely suspects.
It's every girl's dream ! Whitney Houston is the new Bond Girl.

Insiders presents........Robbie Williams and his Tech'knicker' Coloured Dreamcoat.

Issue 65
Cockney Queen, Martine McCutcheon enjoying her new role as a Mayfair Lady
All Saints beauties, Nic 'n' Nat team up with Honest Dave'

Now YOU have the chance to take your favourite Popstar to bed.

Issue 64
Newly weds, Madonna and Guy's guide to WILD SEX
That pesky 'lame duck' ORVILLE threatens ' Anarchy In The UK'

Back to 'The top Of The Pops' SHAGGY gets all emotional on us!

Issue 63

Brits presenters Ant & Dec, not a scratch on Sam & Mick
Starter for 10, who won best group and best album?

Destiny's Child, Eminem, Geri Halliwell, U2....THE BRITS.

Issue 62

Taking the rap, Elton John sucks up to Eminem
Not so shady after all! Eminem, the nerd behind the mask..

Richie, living it up in a three in a bed romp.
Issue 61

Posh and becks set themselves up for an ALI G bashing.
Once again, Buckingham Palace pull the plug on Britney and Wills.

Looks like Mick Jagger's love child is a chip off the old block!

Issue 60

Eminem faces Gay backlash.
What a tight arse Paul McCartney really is!

Will lucky 'Popstars' winners go all the way?
ssue 59

Britney and Christina talk about SEX.
Marilyn Manson set to play Willy Wanker.

The ultimate list of the UK biggest earners
Issue 58

Posh finally gets her undies back..
Jennifer Lopez dumps him in a Puff

Uptown girl, Claudia Schiffer gives Westlife a big thrill
Issue 57

Two's company, Christina's a crowd.
Is Robbie on another bender?.

Britney sacks her 'Porno' director.
Issue 56

All Saint beauties, Nic & Nat decide to go it alone.
Michael Eavis cancels this year's 'Freak Show' GLASTONBURY.

The Insiders Narcotics Anonymous Programme.
Issue 55

Is Janet Jackson really drinking from the furry cup?
Britney does a great impression of Lady Godiva

Is Puff Daddy really going down? We do hope so!
Issue 54

Billy falls for the oldest trick in the book
Its Robbie's 'coming out' party

So what did Charlotte Church get for Christmas?
Issue 53

Eminem, head to head with Bob The Builder
Golden Hooters' Britney Spears wants it clean
Is Geri Halliwell really a Ginger Binger?
Issue 52

What a'rider' Madonna performs at the Brixton Academy
Who'd of thought it? the Wombles glad to be G.A.Y.
Hello, is it Lionel Ritchie we're looking for?

Issue 51

aughty little devil, Mick Hucknal, innocent or guilty?
Martine McCutcheon finally dumps boy 'fiend'!
Stop thief, Lenny Kravitz caught in the act!.

Issue 50

Spice go Top Of The Pops
Backstreet Boys show off...Again!
Britney shoots's official.

Issue 49

Jacko's on the loose once more - you've been warned.'
And then the Spice went pop!
Prepare for the scariest love-child in Christendom.

Issue 48

Insiders urge Martine McCutcheon to dump sex boy 'fiend'
Licensed to thrill Robbie Williams is NOT James Bond!.
Get your 'nips' pierced, the Britney way.

Issue 47

Liam taunts Robbie at Q Awards, calling him a f***ing queer!
Michael Jackson's shows off his manhood
Madonna gets dumped for younger, more improved model

Issue 46

George squares up to bad boy Eminem.
Barry White reveals how to make a woman 'Complete''
Which one of the Spice Girls is 'up the duff'

Issue 45

Their name is BOND 'licensed to kill '
Lenny Kravitz caught cradle snatching !.
Fat Boy Slim inspired by his Mrs' Boobs !

Issue 44

Ex Spice Girl, Geri is voted best Tits 2000!
Robbie gets a Stalker.
Eminem tells the Insiders about his 3 in a bed fantasy with Britney and Christine!

Issue 43

Sex Kitten, Kylie Minogue goes out with a bang!
Sporty Spice, Mel C larging it up on the dancefloor.
Wonder Woman, Mariah Carey over priced and over looked!

Issue 42

The world's favourite ‘sex siren’ Britney Spears hoodwinked into losing all of her clothes.
‘Humpty Dumpty’ Elton John this week revealed he has 21 dogs to keep him company.
That ‘foul mouthed little monkey’ Eminem wants to be number one this Christmas.

Issue 41

Britney reveals her true colours
The true identity of Jesus is exposed
Ex-Housemartin's close relationship with furry bottom out of the box

Issue 40

Britney leaves little to the imagination
Jennifer Lopez beds her bodyguard
76 year old Reg Cooper is set to hit the charts ( unfortunately)
Issue 39

Steps finally go back to their roots....BUTLINS.
An exclusive interview with John Lenon's assasin, Mark Chapman.
Paul McCartney shows the world what a great artist he really is.

Issue 38

The Spice Girls have suddenly gone all ‘Rock N’ Roll’
Britney has one of the biggest image disasters since Michael Jackson went for his ‘re-spray’ in 1991."
Jamie Oliver, alias The Naked Chef, 'Wide Boy' has just secured a 2 album deal with Sony Records'

Issue 37

Kylie ‘nice peaches’ Minogue has had her new video banned for being ‘too sexy’.
Sir Elton John declares his love for Rap Star, Enimen:
Puff 'pastry' Daddy gets into deep water with waiter 'Renzo Pacini'

Issue 36

‘Sex Machine’ Robbie Williams bangs old ginger baboon
Jennifers private party at New York’s ‘Sticky Beaver Club.’
Shania playing ‘Captain Cock goes to Pussy Island’

Issue 35

Billies sudden collapse in a night club
Robbie plugges Miss Piggy.
Eminem plays Happy Families

Issue 34

‘Sex Machine’ Robbie Williams bangs old ginger baboon
Jennifers private party at New York’s ‘Sticky Beaver Club.’
Shania playing ‘Captain Cock goes to Pussy Island’

Issue 33

Robbie ‘big mouth, small dick’ Williams, certainly knows how to give a woman a night to remember.
Madonnas ‘beneficial Muds’ of Pantelleria.’
Elton Johns dubious ‘Music Academy

Issue 32

James Brown caught short in Oxfam
Mariah in bird cuddle shocker
Oasis kiss and make up – nearly

Issue 31

Party In The Park well and truly trashed
Ben delves deeper into Patsy Kensit
Tina ‘horse legs’ Turner finally gives it a rest

Issue 30

Eminem pisses off our editor
Spotlight on London’s Gay Mardi Gras
Five’s Richie Neville shows Ben how its done

Issue 29

GLASTONBUY SPECIAL – too many stories to mention
but include Swampy; Heroin Brownies; Magic Beanz;
Tamazipan Cider and the unmissible A-Z of the event.

Issue 28

Exclusive extracts from new Posh & Becks book
Ginger Baboon Mick Hucknel hits 40 in Paris
Britters gets it on in Dirty Dancing remake

Issue 27

Hutchence said to haunt Geldof
Kylie ‘Whoops, there go my knickers’ returns
Martine gets wet in Ethiopia

Issue 26

Tony Blackburn heads for the sun
Elvis was a taffy shocker
Father of Posh’s new bump confirmed

Issue 25

Moby unleashes his dick on the world of celebs
Who is the father of Posh’s new bump? Rumours abound
Westllife’s Bryan has the closet door slammed in his face

Issue 24

Panel beaters, Boyzone get into hot water
S Club 7 learn to count
The Artist does an impolite U-turn

Issue 23

Britney ‘blown out’ by Willie
Ben offers Billie a willing shoulder
Spinal Tap – the masters – return at last

Issue 22

Shed Seven hit the floor
A-Ha are back – aarrgha
Billy loses her top

Issue 21

Puffy gig humiliation
Ben lays down the gauntlet to Britters
Yoko and Liam – a match made in heaven?

Issue 20

Sinead knows how to keep the homeless happy
Mel C and her impression of a human bouncy castle
Primal Scream gig review – not a pretty sight

Issue 19

Wankathon occurs to opening of All Saints movie
Whitney and George slug it out
Finally outed – Liam caught busking in London

Issue 18

Engelburt Humperdinck trounces Oasis
Puffy spills his load on stage
Scientific proof that the Spice Girls are dangerous

Issue 17

Dave Stewart speaks exclusively from his own arse
Singing ‘airline stewards’ Steps open Welsh talent school
Truth behind Lennon’s death revealed

Issue 16

Witness Whitney – the singing baboon
Elton’s ‘gay pantomime’ gets a thrashing
Pet Shop Boys fantasies revealed

Issue 15

Insiders turn over a new leaf, sort of.
Disaster strikes for Step’s Claire
Top Funeral Anthems uncovered

Issue 14

Elton gets animated
Britney’s autobiography "Two Tits & a Lot of Hits" arrives
Billie The Horse mounts Blondie

Issue 13

Fat Producer predictions
Find out if Geri’s rubber beaver melts at the Brits
The future of Pop is revealed

Issue 12

Pop stars hit the cat walk
Sinister S Club 7 world-domination plot uncovered
Madonna shares her secrets

Issue 11

Sir Cliff gets jiggy with it
Goth rock stars clash – again
Britney gains a right royal stalk

Issue 10

The truth behind Nick and Tara’s split
Geri Halliwell and her furry entrance
A fly on the wall with John and Yoko

Issue 9

H and his dog get it on
Stars gather for a Phil Collins tribute
Mutt dodges the cameras

Issue 8

Macca’s Frog Chorus returns to haunt him
Shane McGowen threatens revenge
Hanson boys voices break – at last

Issue 7

Lifting the lid on club-dancing
Britney and Sinead in Nun-clinch
Martine’s puppies get an outing

Issue 6

Elastica spills the beans on Blur
The Cure says No to Stars in Their Eyes
Adam Rickett ‘does’ rugby

Issue 5

Charlotte Church releases ‘dance anthem’
All Saint’s writhe on a cold beach
Top Tips for Gary Glitter

Issue 4

George Harrison has a funny turn
Ant and Dec threaten gig
Jonathan King wear more egg on face

Issue 3

Gary Barlow bites the dust
Britney Doll early demise
DIY guide to your own Hamster Dance

Issue 2

Charlotte Church strips
Britney Doll breast disaster
Dave Stewart / Hedgehog shock

Issue 1

Britney Spears dolls arrive in the office
Alan McGee abandons his Creation
Cliff amazes God with a No.1