May 27th 2000

W I L L Y & T I T N E Y . . . .
Poor old Britney Spears. Last week I brought you the heart rending story that Prince William had stood her up because he was too busy ‘firing his shoot gun at any young fox in the woods’,
and this week she throws a wobbly because everyone still keeps going on about the size of her ‘wobblies’.

In this week's addition of ‘Mummy, I’ve got hair where there was no hair before’, she once again tries to play down her ‘boob job’ misery. She starts crying to the readers: "There are fans out there that really think I had my breasts enlarged, and I don’t want them to get the wrong impression of me.

This whole breast enlargment thing has been blown out of all proportion."

No, Britney. I think it is actually your breasts that have been ‘blown out of all proportion.’

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