June 16th 2000

A I R B R U S H . . .
Jesus Christ, there are some jobs in pop I would quite literally ‘die for’

But this week, one job has hit me right between the eyes. Yep, I’d love to be Billie’s very own personal photographer. Just listen to the classic lines she came out with at a recent photo shoot for ‘Old Gits Monthly’.

First she pops up with " Feel free to Air brush my nipples if they fall out!" Lord, she certainly knows how to bring a young ‘kettle to the boil’ And if that wasn’t enough, she then announces "Do you want me on my knees?" Lord, there she blows!

Any time you need me to ‘talk dirty’ whilst you roll around in a bikini, honey, I’m your man.
I’m very ‘hands on’, I’d love to experiment with one of my ‘flashes’ which normally happens when you least expect it. (Usually after the shoot)

I’ve still got my ‘pin hole camera’ and I’ve had years of experience photographing young girls in my attic, although they do tend to come out looking slightly 'under developed'.