June 30th 2000

G L A S T O N B U R Y . . . P A R T 2
We then sat back and enjoyed the musical ‘genius’ of The BlueTones Man, they were shit. They have all the musical muscle of a field mouse in a boxing match, and sound like ‘Gerry and The PaceMakers' at a wedding reception. (To be honest, I didn’t actually see them, because, by now the trees were talking to me as I opened my third jar of ‘Smack Lemon Curd’ .

However, I don’t know if it was the drugs, or merely the fact that I was now watching an overweight Mountain Bear singing her tits off !
but that ‘Macy Gray’ looked as if she’d spent too much time in an Oxfam shop, just before she took to the stage. Once again she did a very good impression of ‘Co-co the Clown’ on heat with the voice of Rod Stewart.

And man, does she love herself ? She desperately wanted the crowd to love her too. But, in actual fact the crowd were so out of it even Hitler, singing ‘Away In A Manger’ could have whipped these ‘dope eyed freaks’ into a frenzy.

I prayed that Macy would never get out alive ! hoping to God that some ‘Hippie’ higher than a space monkey on jungle juice would plough into her, whilst asleep at the wheel of a run away tractor. Alas, two days later she was still ‘at large.’

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