June 30th 2000

G L A S T O N B U R Y . . . P A R T 3 . .
One band that really did send me into a Caribbean’ state of mind was ‘The Wailers’.

As I smoked the best crack money could buy, they pumped out the hits like a massive ‘Reggae Kareoke Machine’. ‘No Woman No Cry’ sounded as good as ever. However, their idea to replace Bob with a young panel beater called Rob was a terrible mistake.

White, pale, and skinny, he looked well out of place ! ‘Redemption Song’ suddenly loses all it’s magic when sung by a short man in an afro wig with a Scottish accent. (Bob must of been turning in his pineapple skin grave.)

It was a truly moving experience. It was so moving that I actually began enjoying the whole ‘cultural carnival’. By now I was thinking about the deeper meaning of Love and of caring and ‘a sharing

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