September 15th 2000

O L D R E G . . .

Just when we needed a breath of fresh air in the world of ‘pre-pubes pop’ up pops my new ‘tip for the top’ Reg Cooper. And I bet your wondering if this ‘pop sensation’ can really can cut the mustard aren’t you ?

Well, at 73, crippled and with arthritis and registered blind, I’m pretty sure mustard is about the only thing poor old Reg can cut ! However, I’m not gonna let his disabilities get in the way of a truly ‘natural talent’.

Yep, this freak could become the biggest singing sensation since Dolly Parton (and she was BIG !) But, you don’t need me to bang on about how great he is, just listen to his debut single (on radio 3) called ‘Beautiful Day’, which is released on CCM music next month.

(It’s also the title of the latest U2 single, so if there’s a big cock up at Radio 1, he really could be ‘Top Of The Crocks’ get it ?)

Last week our Reg was due to make his debut appearance on Top Of The Pops, but due to his poor eye sight, he ended up stumbling onto the set of Animal Hospital, where he preceded to serenade two vets and a rabbit with a sore throat.

Still, I’m not giving up on the old duffer, so get your pensions out you geriatric old donkeys, and let’s get Reg back where he belongs ! In a Day Care Centre!