September 22nd 2000

G O O D Y 2 S H O E S . . .
This week, Britney Spears added to the growing wave of speculation that her ‘goody two shoes’ image is a nothing but a complete ‘crock of shit’.
Only last month she was caught tokin' on a 12ft reefer, whilst participating in an orgy involving the entire cast of Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, and the winning entry at this years ‘European Marrow’ competition.

Earlier this week, she ‘stunned the world’ by using the ‘F-word’, and hinting that she’s been ‘experimenting’ in the bedroom. ( And I don’t think she meant playing about with a Bunsen Burner and some Sulphuric Acid. I don’t want to spread rumours, but I’ve got a very ‘sexy’ feeling that Britney is now hornier than a Reindeer in a Horn Factory).

In this month’s issue of Readers Digest, she admits she loves the TV show ‘Sex In The City’. She confesses : " The things they talk about are so true. F**k me, one show was talking about guys having sex without love, so why cant't women do it too? "

That’s nothing Britney, some nights when I’m alone with nothing more than a Pineapple and a tube of KY jelly, I not only have ’sex without Love’, but also ‘sex without a woman’.