September 22nd 2000

G U E S S W H A T I T I S . . .

This would have to be one of the most bizarre pop pairings of all time. This week, Rolf ‘can you guess what it is yet ?’ Harris, has set his sights on working with notorious ‘Rap sensation’ Eminem. ( I don’t know how to break this to you Rolf, but I think you’d have trouble getting Musical Youth to work with you, let alone Eminem ).

Yep, only this very morning, I dropped in on Rolf as he tried to remove a washing machine from a horse’s backside on the set of Animal Hospital.

He told me :"It’d be good to collaborate with him, yeah. I love doing all the sound effects and I quite often do it against dance tracks on the radio".
(I must listen to ‘Radio Devon’ more often by the sounds of it).

However, later on I caught up with Eminem in a quiet back street in Huddersfield, and he rather ‘politely’ turned Rolf’s invitation to work with him down.
He screamed : " There’s no F**king way, I’m working with that F**king Faggot.
He can shove his wobble board up his F**king Faggot ass. He’s A F**king F**k F**Ker".

I don’t want to say anything negative Rolf, but I think it’s a no no.