October 6th 2000

B A D M A D & S A D . . .
The music of Michael Jackson has inspired many things : suicide, kareokee and dancing like a ‘sparrow on hot coals’, but I think it’s the first time it has ever inspired murder!

Yep, this week news reached me that his classic ‘Thriller’ led to two men going ‘berserk’ and murdering three woman in a cold blooded frenzy. ( Man, if this was inspired by one of Jackson’s greatest works, Lord knows what would of happened if they’d heard ‘Man In The Mirror’.)

Apparently, according to Judge Dennis : " Their bond grew stronger as their victims multiplied. Theirs was a unique and wicked bond ". ( A bit like George Michael and Andrew Ridgely). He also added : "By listening to Thriller, they seemed to become more and more motivated as they drove around singing along to the music."

However, this is not the first time the power of music has sent Psychos on a trail of murder. Chales Manson went berserk in the late 1960’s, due to the Beatles track ‘Helter Skelter’. And of course there was the infamous case of the two American teenagers who shot themselves after listening to a Judas Priest record in 1989. Apparently they thought they’d heard a ‘satanic’ message telling them to: ‘Leave, and don’t forget about the belief in your soul’.

However, what Judas Priest were actually murmuring was : ‘Steve, don’t forget about the Beef Casserole.’ If only those two freaks had had better hearing they’d still be alive today!