October 13th 2000

M I S S M c F A D D E N . . .
There’s always one ‘character’ in every town, you know, a bit of a ‘joker’ who thinks it’s ‘funny’ to burn someone’s house down whilst they’re away on holiday!

Well, Westlife’s Brian Mcfadden also proved he’s a bit of a ‘comedian’ this week, when he dressed up in his girlfriend's clothes in a top London nightclub. Man, my sides were splitting (a bit like the dress Brian was wearing was, as he burst from it’s seams).

It was a bit like trying to squeeze a pig into a sock!

Poor old Bryan must of thought he was the first person in the world to of ever tried 'cross dressing'. However, I can tell you my Grandfather first dressed up as a woman as early as 1939, in a desperate attempt to escape the prospect of fighting the Nazi’s in the second world war.

He would of got away with it too, had his dress not got caught in the doors of a Spitfire as it left for Berlin. He was last seen falling from 30,000 ft with his blond wig ablaze somewhere over the Rhineland. The only way he survived the war, was when he was chatted up by Hitler in a Fish and Chip Shop, two days later! (He’s now probably more famously known in the bowel's of history as, Eva Braun!)

Bryan on the other hand, thought he looked hilarious, when in reality, he simply looked like Pat Butcher on a night out.