February 2nd 2001

S E X D E B A T E . . . .
It’s the kind of thing that sexual fantasies are made of. Next month Britney Spears and Christina Agularia are set to sit down and discuss the topic of sex in a live TV debate in America.

Whilst my sexual fantasy for the past fifteen years has been to actually have sex, this could prove to be the next best thing.

I’ve already booked my ticket for the next plane to take me across the pound where I hope to ask Britney if Justin has ever tried to play ‘Doctor Dick visits Mrs Bush’ whilst she lays fast asleep.

The producers of the show hope that both Britney and Christina will spread the message of safe sex to millions of watching teenage Americans.

I personally know what it’s like to be a spokesperson for safe sex. Last year I was employed by Hull County Council to speak to thousands of prostitutes during a four-month tour of Asia. However, due to a spelling error, I actually spent four months in Asda, but then again I probably spoke to more prostitutes than you would find in Asia anyway.