February 16th 2001

T R U E . . . .
At last that ugly ‘pepperami sausage in a skirt’ Posh Spice has been put in her place.
(No, it’s not a dog kennel, but I bet that where she wished she’d been this week after Ali G gave her the verbal dressing down of her lifetime).

Yep, at last it looks as though Comic Relief has come up with something slightly funnier than Lenny Henry acting like a prick, or French and Saunders clowning around in a ‘hilarious’ sketch with some washed up fashion model. It already it looks like being the highlight of Posh n’ Beck’s career, and we are only too happy to publish the interview highlights..

Ali G:" So tell me, does Brooklyn like your music, or is he getting a bit too old for it now?

Posh: "Well, yeah, he does like music, he jiggs about and dances. He likes football as well, so it’s nice".

Ali G:" Respect, respect. So how old is Brooklyn now?

Posh:" He’s nearly two".

Ali G:" So tell me, is your boy starting to put whole sentences together?

Posh:"He’s learning bits n pieces, so yeah’

Ali G:" So what about Brooklyn? Do you think he’ll one day want to grow up and be a footballer like his dad? Or a singer like Mariah Carey?"