February 23rd 2001

S A G G I E . .
Rod Stewart has been busy this week telling the world about his forth-coming Broadway musical. It’s called ‘Wake up Maggie’ and tells the story of how a young man with a wonkey nose (and a voice that sounds a lot like Frank Butcher at a Kareoke evening in the Queen Vic), went on to become an international legend. Yep, it’s all about Rod himself.

However, the impression I got from Rod’s management is that it may not be quite the ‘laugh a minute cockney sing along’ I was hoping for. In fact, it sounds a more like the life story of ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ legend Compo. But, I think I’ll let Rod’s manager Arnold Stiefel tell you the story behind the musical:

"Well, basically it’s based around the fact that Rod used to date a girl from a posh neighbourhood. At the end of the night, Rod, who was poor, got her to drop him off at a fancy house to impresses her.

Then he ran back to his real home in North London. But in the show the girl calls back to the house to say she’s pregnant and the woman is thrilled-because her son is gay".

Surely this is the new Dale Winton Musical he’s talking about! Look, if you want the real ‘Rod Stewart experience’ just put an episode of Worsel Gummage on, crank up ‘Hot Legs’, and sit back. I’m pretty sure it’ll be a lot more entertaining than the Broadway musical!