February 23rd 2001

M A T C H M A D E I N H E A V E N . . .
Sir Elton John was set to cause a massive wave of controversy this week, performing with our favourite artist of all time ‘Eminem’ at the Grammys.

And seeing as Eminem has as much love and compassion for gays as Hitler did for Jews, his decision to play with Em has sent shock waves through the industry. Prominent gay activist Dick Chase telephoned me late last night from the Pink Banana to tell me:
"It’s an insult to every lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender (?) person, and every woman who has suffered violence".

However, Elton is not the only star who is ‘backing’ Eminem. There’s also a huge host of celebrities who are right behind him. Stevie Wonder this week gave his support, saying: "He’s reflecting what’s going on in society.

That’s what great artists are suppose to do…just look at the work of Dylan, John Lennon…not to mention Bobby McFerren. What they’re doing is very visual…. You know, I’m still here…I can see, well…feel, what’s going on. I think what I’m really trying to say is I too hate those fucking faggots!"