March 2nd 2001

F O OT A N D M O U T H . . .
And what a huge disappointment it was…

Now, any farmer out there who is currently watching his livelihood being destroyed by ‘foot n’ mouth disease’, can rest in peace as I think I may have found the original source of the outbreak.

Yep, Geri Halliwell certainly looked as if she’d contracted a ‘crippling disease’ that has left her looking a lot like the last leg of lamb in the butchers on Christmas Eve.

This is definitely one dumb animal that needs to be thrown on to a large ‘meat bonfire’ somewhere in Somerset. (And if Mel C is reading this, those huge mounds of animal flesh that are currently on fire should be avoided at all costs as they are riddled with disease. They are not giant Bar-B-Q’s.

Anyway, enough ‘current affairs’, because up next was our favourite comedian Eninem.