March 2nd 2001

L I F E T I M E . . .
Anyway, by this time I was thoroughly bored with the whole thing, so I decided to pay a quick visit to the canal, just to see if swans really can sleep under water.

They couldn’t, (in fact after 35 minuets they still hadn’t resurfaced), so I decided get home sharpish and catch the last ten minutes of the Brits before I went up stairs to the woman I love.

Now, I haven’t really followed their career too closely, but from the sound they made, and from the way the lead singer acted like a seasoned pro, I was glad to see that the music of Simple Minds had at last been fully recognised.

Their ‘life time achievement award’ was well over due. I only hope next year the music of Aswad is also fully acknowledged, because with out them there would have been no Bob Marley, and definitely no Chales and Eddy.

Until then readers, it’s bon voyage!