March 16th 2001

N I C N A T S . . .
Ex-All Saints, Nat n’ Nic are all set to return to the world of pop later this year with that smug hedgehog Dave Stewart at the controls.

Yep, quite why they've decided to give that lame donkey another chance after he cocked up their big screen debut so spectacularly last year is beyond me. Let’s face it, ‘Honest’ turned out to be the biggest flop in the movie world since Police Academy 7.

However, the girls obviously still respect the work of a man who hasn’t had a decent hit since 1989, and have been back in the studio this week recording a new song called ‘Fantasy’ which is apparently more ‘guitar driven’.

(I wouldn’t get too excited by this news, as ‘guitar driven’ is exactly how Brian May described his first solo single after Queen).

It certainly looks like it’s going to be quite a year for the Appleton sisters. Nic’s got to give birth to a little baboon before June, and Nat’s probably got some shopping to do, or something!

As for Shazney and Mel, well,…. who gives a monkeys!