March 16th 2001

I T S A F A I R C O P. . .
Ever since Geri Haliwell did a very good impression of a ‘walking pepperoni’ at last month’s Brits, she’s barely been out of the headlines.

One minute she’s spending the night at Robbie Williams' flat, the next she’s admitting that she once did a spot of ‘shop lifting’ (Shock horror! I’ve done arson and murder, but you don’t see me bragging about it!).

Yep, this week Geri sobbed: "I don’t mind admitting it, because I want to teach children that you get nothing from it."

Well kids, I want to tell you that you do get something from it…just as long as your pockets are big enough, and the surveillance cameras are pointing in the opposite direction!

(How on earth do you think I’ve been able to feed Delroy and Leroy for the past fifteen months!)

But still Geri went on. "I got caught after a trip to Safeway, the alarm was raised because the security guard thought I was walking out of the supermarket with two large melons and a stuffed red pepper".